Football Club Rules
  1. This Amateur Football Club shall be known as Cray Valley Paper Mills & shall consist of a number of teams, as decided.

  2. The Club shall be affiliated to the London & Kent County Football Associations, & shall hold Intermediate or Senior status.

  3. The Club shall be run by an elected committee, consisting of the following members:

    • Chairman
    • General Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Fixture Secretary
    • Team Managers
    • Players Representatives (if appointed)
    • plus any others, as decided
  4. Committee meetings will be held monthly, where the Club's business will be conducted.

  5. Team Managers will be responsible for the following:

    • Team selection & recruitment
    • Attendance at training
    • The safekeeping & maintenance of playing kit
    • First Aid & Balls etc
    • Promotion of Club functions
    • The general enforcement of club rules & discipline at team level.
  6. Sign-on fee will be as agreed at AGM

  7. Players sign as members of this club on the understanding that they are committed to progressing to the Senior (1st & Res) teams, and make themselves available if required.

  8. All players must have their sign-on fee fully paid up by the agreed date, failing which they will become unavailable for selection.

  9. All sign-on fees & fines incurred to be paid to the appropriate person, who will keep a record of same, & make it available for inspection upon request.

  10. The Club will arrange fundraising events during the season, which all players are expected to support (attend). Those failing to attend will be charged £20 for each event.

  11. All relevant players must attend training nights. Wherever possible, squad selection will be made at this time.

  12. Should any player be unable to attend training, it is their duty to contact their manager beforehand, failing which, managers to take whatever action they deem appropriate.

  13. No smoking will be allowed in dressing rooms at any time, & no alcohol is to be consumed before matches. Players breaking this rule will be dropped immediately.

  14. Any Club member found to be using recreational drugs of any kind on the premises will be dealt with as the Committee see fit.

  15. The first team will have priority of selection over all other teams. The reserve team will have priority of selection over the U/18 team. Where possible, players to be offered in exchange.

  16. The Club will provide insurance cover for players & officials by joining a County FA insurance scheme each season. The General Secretary to hold details.

  17. Any player approached by another club must inform his manager immediately.

  18. Any member bringing the Club into disrepute by their actions & with regard to the Club 'Code of Conduct' will be disciplined as the Committee see fit.


Every member of the Club and those non-playing guests, as defined within the Rules of the Club at that time, shall be entitled to use and enjoy the premises and facilities of Cray Valley PM Football Club

  1. Management
    The affairs of the club shall be overseen by an 'Executive' & 'Football' Committee, which shall consist of any or all of the Club Management, as follows:-
  2. A President
    The President shall be elected by the Committee of Management to serve the Committee. It is the undoubted right of the President to take the Chair at any meeting or committee of the Club, which he may honour with his presence.
  3. A Chairperson
    The Chairperson, who shall be appointed annually at the Annual General Meeting by those members present, shall chair the Committee of Management monthly meetings and, ex officio, shall be a member of all committees. Should the Chairperson be unable to chair a meeting, a decision shall be taken by those attending the meeting as to who will be acting Chairperson.
  4. The Secretary
    The Secretary, who shall be appointed annually at the Annual General Meeting by those members present, shall minute and administrate the Committee of Management monthly meetings and any subsequent committee meetings.
  5. The Treasurer
    The Treasurer, who shall be appointed annually at the Annual General Meeting by those members present, shall preside over the finances of the Club and report to the Committee of Management at the monthly meeting. The Treasurer shall produce an annual Income & Expenditure Account on the request of the Committee of Management. Should the Treasurer leave office for any reason, the vacancy may be filled by a new Treasurer as appointed by the Committee of Management or, for the remaining portion of that year, may be filled by the Committee of Management itself.
  6. The Team Managers
    The Team Managers shall be responsible for all appropriate administration of their teams and should ensure that any monies collected are passed to the appropriate person in good time. Each Team Manager is responsible for kit, footballs and first aid equipment, and also for discipline of playing staff, in line with Club rules.
  7. The Head Coach
    The Head Coach, who may also be a member of the playing staff, or a Team Manager, shall be responsible for pre-season fitness training and general weekly training throughout the season for the playing staff. The Head Coach may appoint assistants as required and may assist in the selection of the playing staff. The Head Coach should report to the Committee of Management monthly.
  8. The Players Representative (optional)
    The Players Representative, who may be appointed annually at the Annual General Meeting by those members present, should be a member of the playing staff and is responsible for liaison between playing staff and the Committee of Management, who they should report to monthly.
  9. The Playing Staff
    The Playing Staff shall be members of any team playing within the confines of the Club who are fully paid up as defined within the Club rules
  10. Membership of Non-Playing members
    Members of the general public, family and friends of either the Playing Staff or the Committee of Management are welcome to attend games and functions held at the Club. They may, at the discretion of the Committee of Management, attend the Annual General Meeting or other meeting, but do not hold voting rights as Playing Staff or Committee members do.
  11. Meetings of the Committee of Management
    The Committee of Management shall meet once a month, or as often as necessary. Four members present shall constitute a quorum. Any member of the Playing or Non-Playing Staff, given the approval of the Committee of Management and adequate notice, may attend a monthly Committee Meeting and table an agenda item. The Committee of Management shall have power to appoint such Sub-Committees as may from time to time be deemed necessary and shall receive reports of such Sub-Committees at its meeting
  12. Membership
    A member of the Playing Staff, as defined within the rules of the Club, may enjoy the facilities of Club and Clubhouse. A Non-Playing member may also use the facilities and Clubhouse at the discretion of the Committee of Management. The Committee of Management reserve the right to reject or terminate membership of either a Playing Member or a Committee of management Member who have been absent for either three months or three consecutive Committee of Management meetings.
  13. Subscriptions
    The annual subscription for Playing Staff shall be determined by the Committee of Management at the Annual General Meeting, after their election. All subscriptions to be paid up in full by the appointed date.
  14. Annual General Meeting
    The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than the first week of August in each year. The Secretary shall give fourteen days notice of such meeting to all Members, Playing Staff or otherwise. The financial report and Secretaries report shall be received by the meeting, which will also elect the Members of the Committee of Management and Players Representative, and transact any other business.
  15. Extraordinary General Meeting
    An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by the Committee of Management when deemed desirable and also upon the written request of four or more Members.
  16. Alteration of Club Rules
    No alteration of Club rules shall be made except at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting convened for that purpose, and only if supported by the majority of those Members present and voting at such meeting. Notice of proposed alteration of Club rules must be given in writing to the Secretary by the last week of June in each year, and notified to Members on notice of meeting.
  17. Other Business
    Any matters not mentioned in this document or the Club rules shall be dealt with by the Committee of Management, the decision of which body shall be final and binding.


We obviously want members of our Club to enjoy themselves at matches, however, the actions of a few can often spoil things for the many. We believe this 'Code of Conduct' represents a sensible guide to behaviour, which any 'fair minded' person should be happy to follow.


  • Fair play is expected at all times
  • Do not become involved in disputes, or use foul or abusive language, with officials, players (of either team), or spectators
  • DO allow the Referee to deal with any controversial incidents in the game, & do not retaliate against opponents
  • Do not applaud cautions, dismissals, or the errors of opponents
  • DO learn to win or lose with dignity
  • Remember that teamwork, effort, & enjoyment are as important as winning
  • AT ALL TIMES REMEMBER: you are representing our Club and the League, & you should act accordingly

Spectators, Parents & Club Officials

  • Remember your actions influence the mood of the players & the game
  • Do not abuse match officials, however much you disagree with their decisions
  • Do encourage all players & applaud their efforts
  • Do not ridicule opponents for their mistakes
  • Do not applaud foul play & do not incite our players to commit fouls
  • Do not use foul or abusive language to players or other spectators
  • Do not use physical violence or threaten anyone
  • You must not enter the field of play during a game, unless asked to do so by a match official

Remember you too are subject to the laws of the game. Your actions could lead to you being cautioned, reported, sent away from the ground, and suspended from attending matches, whilst your team can also be fined, suspended, or expelled from the League

AT ALL TIMES REMEMBER: you are a representative of our Club, & you should act accordingly

We will not tolerate anyone who discriminates on the basis of sex, age, race, disability, nationality, class, sexual orientation, religion, or other beliefs.

We reserve the right to ban forthwith from our club anyone proven to be using, buying, or selling any illegal substance




Cray Valley (PM) Football Club provides football facilities at both Adult and Youth levels within the London Borough of Greenwich and surrounding areas. As a forward-thinking club, we are committed to promoting Child Protection and best practice.

As part of this process, every team within the Club must have at least one person within their set up that has obtained a minimum Level One coaching certificate, which incorporates emergency aid qualification and attendance at a Child Protection Workshop.

Our aim is to ensure that the welfare of all children associated with the Club up to the age of 18 years old is protected and kept safe from Physical & emotional harm; Sexual abuse; Neglect & Bullying whilst they are with the Club's managers, coaches, helpers, first aiders and other volunteers.

In order to achieve and maintain this we aim to provide an enjoyable but safe environment for every child by:

  • Ensuring the minimum qualifications are in place for all teams
  • Records are maintained and Child Protection Workshops expiry dates are monitored
  • Ensuring all team managers, coaches, helpers, first aiders and volunteers attend 'refresher' child protection workshops, upon expiry of their existing certificate
  • Issuing a copy of the Club's Code of Conduct to all team managers, coaches, helpers, first aiders and volunteers that they will be expected to sign up to and abide by at all times
  • Retaining records of all parental consent forms, (i.e. permission for team photographs to be published; accidents; club tours etc)
  • Promoting 'Fair Play' at all times, which is reflected in our 'Code of Conduct' and at the foot of our headed paper
  • Having a designated person whose role is to deal with any concerns around child safety
  • Highlighting and developing awareness of the issues that can cause children harm
  • Having processes in place to manage situations that may arise, contacting the authorities/child protection agencies as appropriate
  • Promoting the FA/NSPCC Child Protection Helpline and the use of its Helpline number 0808 8005000
  • Seeking guidance from the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), as appropriate