Date Fixture            
07/07FRD Greenways2v6Cray Valley 
14/07FRD Cray Valley5v1Sittingbourne 
17/07FRD Cray Valley0v2Folkstone 
21/07FRD Cray Valley1v0Cray Wanderers
26/07FRD Greenwich Borough2v2Cray Valley 
28/07FRD Rochester Utd0v6Cray Valley 
01/08FRD Erith & Belvedere0v2Cray Valley 
07/08SCEFL AFC Croydon1v0Cray Valley 
12/08FAC Cray Valley3v2Eastbourne Town 
15/08SCEFL Cray Valley4v4Punjab Utd 
18/08SCEFL Lordswood3v5Cray Valley 
22/08SCEFL Cray Valley5v1Tunbridge Wells 
26/08FAC Cray Valley4v1Ashford (Middx) 
29/08SCEFL Erith Town1v3Cray Valley 
01/09FAV Sutton Athletic1v2Cray Valley 
08/09FAC Merstham0v0Cray Valley 
12/09FAC Cray Valley3v3Merstham (4 - 1 pens)
16/09FAV Cray Valley2v0Hailsham Town 
22/09FAC Oxford City5v0Cray Valley 
25/09SCEFL Corinthians1v2Cray Valley 
29/09SCEFL Crowborough Ath0v4Cray Valley 
06/10SCEFL Cray Valley7v1Hollands & Blair 
08/10LSC Erith Town 2v1Cray Valley 
13/10FAV St Panteleimon1v1Cray Valley 
17/10FAV St Panteleimon1v3Cray Valley 
20/10KST Greenways2v4Cray Valley 
24/10SCEFL Cray Valley1v1K Sports 
27/10SCEFL Cray Valley2v0Fisher 
31/10MLC Cray Valley2v2Holmesdale (3 - 1 pens aet) 
04/11FAV Badshot Lea0v7Cray Valley 
07/11SCEFL Rusthall1v9Cray Valley 
11/11SCEFL Cray Valley2v3Corinthian 
17/11SCEFL Sheppey Utd1v3Cray Valley 
21/11SCEFL Cray Valley2v2Beckenham Town 
24/11KST Cray Valley2v2Holmesdale (3 - 4 pens aet) 
01/12FAV Sheppey Utd0v4Cray Valley
08/12SCEFL Cray Valley2v3Deal Town 
12/12SCEFL Croydon0v2Cray Valley
15/12SCEFL Tunbridge Wells1v1Cray Valley 
22/12SCEFL Cray Valley0v1Chatham Town 
29/12SCEFL Glebe3v5Cray Valley 
05/01/2019FAV Cray Valley3v1Baffins Milton Rovers
09/01/2019SCEFL Cray Valley3v2 aetLordswood 
12/01/2019SCEFL K Sports0v5Cray Valley 
19/01/2019SCEFL Cray Valley2v0Canterbury City 
23/01/2019SCEFL Cray Valley3v0Lordswood 
26/01/2019SCEFL Deal Town0v2Cray Valley 
02/02/2019FAV Cray Valley3v1Abbey Rangers 
09/02/2019SCEFL Cray Valley1v0Rusthall 
13/02/2019CC MCray Valley2v3 aetCorinthian 
16/02/2019SCEFL Fisher1v2Cray Valley 
23/02/2019FAV Willand Rovers1v3Cray Valley 
27/02/2019SCEFL Cray Valley3v0AFC Croydon Athletic
02/03/2019SCEFL Beckenham Town0v2Cray Valley 
05/03/2019SCEFL Bearsted0v1Cray Valley 
09/03/2019SCEFL Cray Valley5v0Sheppey Utd 
17/03/2019FAV Cray Valley1v0Canterbury City
23/03/2019FAV Canterbury City1v1Cray Valley (1-2 Agg)
27/03/2019SCEFL Cray Valley3v0Bearsted 
30/03/2019SCEFL Hollands & Blair3v2Cray Valley 
03/04/2019SCEFL Cray Valley3v1Erith Town 
06/04/2019SCEFL Cray Valley2v1Crowborough Ath 
09/04/2019SCEFL Punjab Utd0v2Cray Valley 
13/04/2019SCEFL Cray Valley2v1Glebe 
20/04/2019SCEFL Chatham TownvCray Valley 
22/04/2019SCEFL Cray ValleyvCroydon 
27/04/2019SCEFL Canterbury CityvCray Valley 
FAC=FA Cup LSC=London Senior Cup
FAV=FA Vase MLC=Macron League Cup
KST=Kent Senior Trophy FRD=Friendly
SCEFL=Southern Counties East Football League  
Suburban Team
Date Fixture            
08/07FRD Brockley3v9Cray Valley 
18/07FRD Bromlieans2v2Cray Valley 
23/07FRD Thamesmead Town XI0v5Cray Valley 
01/08FRD AFC Croydon Ath U230v2Cray Valley 
03/08CS Phoenix Sports Res5v0Cray Valley 
14/08FRD Lordswood Res2v2Cray Valley 
25/08SFL Horsham1v1Cray Valley 
30/08SFL Cray Valley1v0Tunbridge Wells 
06/09SFL Cray Valley 2v1Redhill 
13/09SFL Chatham2v3Cray Valley 
25/09SFL Cray Valley1v0Fisher 
29/09SFL Lingfield7v3Cray Valley 
06/10KIC West Wickham1v3Cray Valley 
17/10SFL Glebe3v1Cray Valley 
20/10SFL Horley1v1Cray Valley 
27/10LCC Redhill2v1Cray Valley 
01/11SFL Cray Valley0v6Glebe 
08/11SFL Cray Valley2v2Chatham 
21/11KIC Glebe2v2Cray Valley (4-3pens) 
08/12SCP Knaphill5v1Cray Valley 
13/12SFL Cray Valley0v4Lingfield 
10/01/2019SCS Glebe5v2Cray Valley 
19/01/2019SFL Sevenoaks Town4v2Cray Valley 
14/02/2019SCS Cray Valley2v2Sutton Utd 
21/02/2019SFL Cray Valley3v0Tonbridge Angels 
02/03/2019SFL Tonbridge Angels4v0Cray Valley 
07/03/2019SFL Cray Valley0v4Sevenoaks Town 
21/03/2019SFL Cray Valley3v1Horley Town 
28/03/2019SFL Cray Valley3v1Horsham YMCA 
13/04/2019SFL Tunbridge WellsvCray Valley 
KIC=Kent Intermediate Cup LCC=League Challenge Cup SCP=Suburban Challenge Plate
CC=Challenge Shield FRD=Friendly SCS=Suburban Challenge Shield
SFL=Suburban Football League SCC=Suburban Champions Cup CS=Charity Shield
U18s Team
Date Fixture            
22/07FRD Whyteleafe3v4Cray Valley 
28/07FRD Erith & Belvedere Res2v5Cray Valley 
11/08FRD Kingsdale3v1Cray Valley 
19/08FRD Phoenix Sports2v2Cray Valley 
23/08FRD Cray ValleyvEltham Wanderers 
26/08FRD Stansfeld1v1Cray Valley 
03/09FAYC Croydon3v0Cray Valley 
09/09KYL Tunbridge Wells2v3Cray Valley 
16/09KYL K Sports6v0Cray Valley 
30/09KYL Cray Valley1v3VCD 
14/10KYL Cray Valley3v1Greenwich Borough 
04/11KTFCC Cray Valley8v6 aetBearsted 
15/11KYLIC Cray Valley0v1VCD 
25/11KYL Cray Valley2v2Tun. Wells 
06/01/2019KTFCC Herne Bay0v4Cray Valley 
13/01/2019KTFCC Deal Town2v6Cray Valley 
20/01/2019KTFCC Cray Valley0v4Folkestone 
17/02/2019KYL VCD3v1Cray Valley 
03/03/2019KYL Cray Valley2v2Phoenix Sports 
17/03/2019KYL Bearsted0v1Cray Valley 
31/03/2019KYL Cray Valley1v2K Sports 
07/04/2019KYL Cray Valley3v1Bearsted 
14/04/2019KYL Bridon Ropes 1v2Cray Valley 
21/04/2019KYL Whyteleafe vCray Valley 
28/04/2019KYL Cray ValleyvPhoenix Sports 
05/05/2019KYL Cray ValleyvBridon Ropes 
12/05/2019KYL Cray ValleyvWhyteleafe 
19/05/2019KYL WhyteleafevCray Valley 
KYLIC=Kent Youth League Invitational Cup KTFCC=Kit to Fit Challenge Cup FRD=Friendly
KYL=Kent Youth League KCC=Kent County Cup FAYC=FA Youth Cup
U14s Team
Date Fixture            
16/09KYL Cray Valley0v8Bridon Ropes 
23/09RPC Cray Valley4v0Thanet Colts 
30/09KYL Cray Valley1v4Greenwich Borough 
21/10RPC Bridon Ropes6v0Cray Valley 
28/10KYL Greenwich Borough6v0Cray Valley 
04/11KYL Cray Valley2v2Chatham 
09/12KYL Kent Football8v1Cray Valley 
16/12KYL Erith Town1v2Cray Valley 
06/01/2019KYL AFC Mottingham3v2Cray Valley 
13/01/2019KYL Cray Valley2v0Danson Sports 
20/01/2019KYL Cray Valley1v4Bridon Ropes 
27/01/2019KYL Phoenix Sports2v2Cray Valley 
10/02/2019KYL Cray Valley2v3Danson Sports 
17/02/2019KYL Cray Valley1v4Erith Town 
24/02/2019KYL Bridon Ropes8v0Cray Valley 
31/03/2019KYL Cray Valley1v5Kent Football Utd 
14/04/2019KYL Cray Valley0v5AFC Mottingham 
KYLIC=Kent Youth League Invitational Cup KTFCC=Kit to Fit Challenge Cup FRD=Friendly
KYL=Kent Youth League KCC=Kent County Cup FAYC=FA Youth Cup
RPC=Reader & Phillips Cup    
Ladies Team
Date Fixture            
19/08FRD Cray Valley10v2Foots Cray Lionesses 
02/09SECWFL Cray Valley0v1Glebe 
09/09SECWFL Cray Valley0v5Maidstone 
30/09SECWFL Anchorians5v1Cray Valley 
07/10SECWFL Cray Valley3v1Margate 
21/10KCC Cray Valley0v3Gillingham 
28/10SECWFL Cray Valley0v3Herne Bay 
04/11LC Hassocks5v0Cray Valley 
11/11SECWFL Long Lane0v0Cray Valley 
25/11SECWFL Margate2v2Cray Valley 
09/12SECWFL Glebe3v3Cray Valley 
16/12KWP Anchorians Development1v4Cray Valley 
06/01/2019SECWFL Cray Valley2v5Anchorians 
13/01/2019SECWFL Herne Bay4v0Cray Valley 
20/01/2019KWP Cray Valley1v3Glebe 
27/01/2019SECWFL Cray Valley2v1Tonbridge Angels 
24/02/2019SECWFL Cray Valley2v0Long Lane 
10/03/2019SECWFL Cray Valley2v2Thamesview 
24/03/2019SECWFL Thamesview2v4Cray Valley 
31/03/2019SECWFL Faversham Strike Force1v4Cray Valley 
31/03/2019SECWFL Cray Valley5v0Faversham Strike Force 
07/04/2019SECWFL Maidstone Utd1v2Cray Valley 
14/04/2019SECWFL Glebe1v4Cray Valley 
28/04/2019SECWFL Cray ValleyvFaversham Strike Force 
KWP=Kent Women’s Plate LC=League Cup
CC=Chairmans Cup FRD=Friendly
WFAC=Womens FA Cup SECWFL=League